Rancho Mo Media Principal: Maureen Corley

Maureen Corley, owner of Rancho Mo Media, began her video production career in 1981 at The Movie Channel, a pay-cable TV network based in New York City. Starting as a production assistant in on-air promotion, she quickly rose through the ranks to become a promo writer-producer. By 1983 she received the first of many national awards. Later that year, she was hired by Home Box Office (HBO), where she continued winning plaudits for her work in on-air promotion, broadcast advertising and marketing.

In 1988 Maureen became an New York-based independent producer, creating promos and short-form documentary programming for clients such as Nick-At-Nite (Nickelodeon) and Turner Network Television. In 1990, Turner Broadcasting recruited Maureen to Atlanta as Senior Supervising Producer with responsibility for creating TNT's Program Production department.

While at TNT, Maureen continued to develop and produce creative interstitial programming, including the popular "Our Favorite Movies" franchise. By late 1991, Maureen chose to return to independent producing, and formed Rancho Mo Productions.

Throughout the 1990's Maureen continued to write and produce award-winning projects for Turner Broadcasting. In 1993 she teamed with TNT and LIFE Magazine to produce her first long-form documentary program, LIFE Remembers. By the mid 90's she was able to put her NYU Cinema Studies degree to good use while producing programming for Turner Classic Movies. In 1995 she teamed with TCM to produce and co-write the 1995 CableAce award-winning documentary, Inside the Dream Factory. Maureen also participated in TCM's unique Archive project, filming archival interviews with actors, directors and technicians from Hollywood's golden age.

Later in the '90s, Maureen partnered with two very talented and creative women, Michele Tedesco and Darla Gore, to create Three on a Match Productions, Inc. The "Match Girls" produced two successful home video projects for Time Life Video.

In 2002, Maureen Corley and Rancho Mo Productions moved into Corporate Communications work in the Atlanta area. She's developed a reputation for her creativity and strong story-telling skills, writing and producing projects for a variety of corporate clients. Now, as Rancho Mo Media, Inc., Maureen can provide production services for your next project, regardless of size or budget.